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It's widely known that UVA/UVB rays accelerate premature aging and skin cancer. Sunscreen has always been the answer, but particular ingredients commonly found in popular sunscreens — oxybenzone, octinoxate, and nano titanium dioxide, to name a few — are known toxins to ocean waters and aquatic wildlife. In response, apparel brands, specifically in the athleisure space, began ideating ways to combat sun exposure outside of topical cosmetics.

With the launch of IBKÜL, Jamie Handler aimed to address the shortcomings of run-of-the-mill athleisure and sun-protective clothing, introducing innovative textiles that would actively combat UVA/UVB rays while keeping you ventilated, moisture-free, and comfortable. Jamie aimed his sights at athletes, golfers, yogis, and other active lifestyles that could benefit from sun blocking clothing. For Jamie, creating performance-enhancing athleisure was paramount — stylish and fashion-forward apparel lending itself to versatile wear.



Jamie's background spoke to his new role at IBKÜL. He was the third generation of his family in the “rag trade,” with grandparents who manufactured apparel in New York City's famed Garment District. In college, he was a competing wrestler. He worked in education as a teacher, later becoming an Athletic Director. He knew sports and sportswear from both ends, with an appreciation for tailoring and quality fabrication.

Later in his career, Jamie learned of an astonishing new fabric technology that interacted with perspiration, cooling the body three to five degrees. Not only was the cooling interaction a unique feature, but the texture of the fabric wicked moisture at three times the typical rate, causing sweat to evaporate quickly, leaving the wearer simultaneously dry and cool.



Jamie quickly got his hands on a sample pull-over and tested it on the golf course with friends on a hot summer day. When the game was over, his friends – coated in sunblock – were sweating profusely. Jamie recounts that, despite wearing long sleeves, he remained fresh and dry, even under his arms and on his back. Signs of sweat were nowhere to be seen, and he noted the smooth skin feel of the fabric, light as a feather and breathable.

Coined Iceƒil, Jamie introduced the textile as a sun-protective fabric, a cornerstone of IBKÜL's design ethos. Iceƒil is just one of many technical fabrics offered by IBKÜL, in addition to the thermoregulating MegaHeatRX technology. These technologies are now available in various vibrant patterns and colorways, allowing you to mix and match your ensembles seamlessly.

IBKÜL is where luxury meets fitness. It is premium athleisure wear, offering world-class fabric quality, functional and stylish designs, versatility, and technological features.


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